Audible Escape Recommendations: Round Two

If you’re surprised I’m back again already, me too. Lol. But I thought I would go ahead and present to y’all another set of ten books (which let’s be real, will be just as obnoxious as the last post and no where close to ten) that are on Audible Escape just waiting for you to […]

Happy Galentine’s Day!

I love the idea of Galentine’s Day and celebrating our friendship with those we love and who love us. I have selected five series that I think balance the story between the friendship group between these women and the central love story for each woman. This is one of my favorite ways for an interconnected […]

The Ones Who Got Away: Series Review

School shootings in America are abhorrent and awful and they’ve also affected a huge number of people in ways that our society still doesn’t quite seem ready to reckon with. But Roni Loren is “hunting big game” as Jen and Sarah would say (see Fated Mates, season two). Her The Ones Who Got Away series […]

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