March TBR

Well, y’all, first of all, just know that I failed pretty miserably at my February TBR so this project isn’t necessarily working out, but fingers crossed I can keep it together enough to reduce my TBR significantly even if not by the amount I was hoping for! I do plan on participating in the BuzzwordAThon […]

August TBR

I gave up on TBRs a while ago, but I have decided that I’m making it a goal to read five physical books from my TBR and a special book to celebrate Women in Translation Month. So, this TBR is happening, y’all. I insist. 1. Leah on the Offbeatby Becky Albertalli Look, I have no […]

#SmutAThon TBR

If you’re wondering why I’m starting a Readathon in the middle of another Readathon (Tome Topple), that is a completely legitimate question and I don’t really have an answer other than, how was I supposed to resist this romance themed readathon? Beginning July 9th and lasting through the 15th, the SmutAThon has seven challenges and […]

February TBR

February in the United States is Black History Month and so this month I’m going to do my best to read as many of the nineteen unread books I own by black authors as possible. It’s also Feminist Lit February, which I’ll have a separate post about later (see ItsJaneLindsey’s videos on YouTube for more […]

December TBR

We’ve almost survived the entirety of 2017! Woo! This year has been really hard and emotionally exhausting, but it’s come with a lot of really awesome accomplishments for me in my personal life. Plus it came with Reputation by Taylor Swift, so like, not all bad. But mostly, I’m really ready to close the chapter […]

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