Top Ten (Contemporary) Romance of 2018

Hi, yes, I’m blatantly cheating at this whole ten books of favorites this year. And it’s probably worse than my cheating from last year, but let’s just ignore that. I’ve read so many contemporary romance this year. Specifically, I’ve read 96 contemporary romance this year. So, you’re getting my ten favorite contemporary romances to start […]

Contemporary Romance for Running from Your Problems (Again)

2018 has really been the year of Contemporary Romance for me. I think technically paranormal is beating it numbers wise, but that’s because I keep re-reading the paranormals I discovered this year and loved. Anyway, that means I’ve already got another list of ten contemporary romance novels to escape into when the world is just […]

(More) Contemporary Romance to Run from Your Problems

Sometimes adulthood really is the worst. But then I remember that I can pretty much do whatever I want without having to ask for permission and things seem a little better (until I get the bill for whatever it is I decided to do, anyway). So, as always, when the going gets tough and I’m […]

Best Romance Novels of 2017

Oh y’all, this list is so hard to compile and I could have split it into Best Contemporary; Best Historical; Best Misc. but I didn’t want to exhaust you too much. That said, I am going to provide the best of each subgenre in my opinion beginning with Best Contemporary because that’s what my actual […]

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