March Wrap Up, Part One

I’ve been doing an awesome job reading in March, despite basically having a book hangover from House of Earth and Blood. I’m also in the middle of like sixteen books because I just am having trouble committing my attention span to much of anything. But at the same time, reading is my biggest comfort in […]

February Wrap Up, Part Two

It’s not that I want to wish time away, but I’m kind of glad we’re out of February, that Spring is coming and we’re one month closer to Kiss Con, Taylor Swift in LA, and vacation. Not necessarily in that order. Also I really need to make sure I can take vacation. Adulting is so […]

January Wrap Up, Part One

The first part of January also contained Smutathon, so I’m not going to talk in detail about the books I read for that Readathon here and will instead direct you to my wrap up post. So what you are going to see are the books I read from January 1-3 and the 12-15th. I had […]

Smutathon Wrap Up

All in all, I would say my reading this week was quite successful. I didn’t get to every book on my TBR and without doubling up didn’t quite clear the BINGO board, but I found a few books that I absolutely adored and finished up my February ARC reading! So let’s get into it. I’m […]

December Wrap Up, Part Two

And that’s another year in the books. How weird. I’ve loved sharing with you my reads this year and I’m excited to do that again today with my last many reads of December. I hope you’ll enjoy the myriad of posts coming your way wrapping up my end of the year posts and the other […]

Books I Wish I’d Gotten to in 2019

To those that celebrate: Merry Christmas!! I love Christmas and I love that this is the start of our Top 10 in 2019 prompts from Kimberly and Ginger. This is serving as my Most Anticipated Books of the Year Wrap Up as well because in truth, that’s what all of these books are from. There […]

December Wrap Up, Part One

Until I sat down to figure out what books I’d read this month, I would have told you I was having a slumpy month and haven’t really read that much. If I had told you that, I would have been lying. I apparently read fifteen books in the first fifteen days of the month, so […]

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