September Harlequin Desire ARCs: Trust Fund Fiancé, Secret Crush Seduction, and Reckless Envy

I really just started reading Harlequin Desire with any sort of regularity this year because these rebranded covers have me utterly captivated and delighted. Now I’m over here avidly following certain series (Seven Sins) and authors (Naima Simone always and Jayci Lee) and so excited Harlequin keeps giving me the opportunity to review these books […]

2020 Celebrity Memoirs: Open Book, More Myself, The Rural Diaries

I’ve been doing surprisingly well reading (audibly) nonfiction this year, but this is still not a post I could have predicted wanting to write. However, when I impulse picked up Open Book by Jessica Simpson on audio and fell madly in love with it, I knew I needed to write an actual review. And then […]

Series Review: Bareknuckle Bastards by Sarah MacLean

Before I dive into this, let me first apologize for the fact that y’all have not had either of the two posts I previewed last Thursday (Tuesday?). I’m slumping because my anxiety kicked into overdrive last week and it’s making it difficult to focus. Unfortunately, even prior to that, I was already behind on ARC […]

June ARCS, Part One: Alpha Night, The Boyfriend Project, and Forbidden Lust

I’m returning to my usual posting schedule, but I hope y’all continue to support the Black Lives Matters movement in some way. I’m continuing to engage in conversations with my family members and coworkers and to continue learning by reading nonfiction books about US history and how to confront my own biases. But this particular […]

When in Romance: Trade Me and A Knight in Shining Armor

This is quite the mash up of books Dani and I read for this project in late January/February, Trade Me by Courtney Milan and A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux. Our quick thoughts on Trade Me are that it was really good, but ends very abruptly and also was maybe missing something. I’m […]

February Wrap Up, Part One

I loosely wanted to read 29 books in 29 days in February, but, tbh, that’s not going so well at the moment. There’s still a chance I’ll pull it off, but right now, it’s not looking too promising. Nevertheless, let’s talk about what I HAVE read so far this month.

Captivating Characters

I’m really excited to get to write about my favorite characters from this year and also overwhelmed that I am supposed to only list for you ten??? Is it cheating if I give you separate lists of favorite heroines, favorite heroes, and favorite non-binary characters? Okay, fine, I’ll be good and obey the rules of […]

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