When Old Meets New: The Secret and Wanna Bet?

If you’ve been following along with this project on mine and Dani’s respective blogs, you may recall that we tried to read To All the Roses last time and both of us DNF’d the book. So, as you can imagine, my expectations weren’t super high going into The Secret and I was really nervous I […]

Black Lives Matter: Learning via Reading & Celebrating Romance by Black Authors

Today was supposed to be my wrap up for the second half of May, but there is no way for me to feel as though I can proceed as normal given the fact that it feels like the United States is finally, maybe, hopefully on the verge of actually doing something about the fact that […]

Audible Escape Recommendations: Round Three

I hope that you are still finding things that bring you joy while stuck inside and trying to protect those around you or still going to work because you’re essential or otherwise exempt from stay at home orders. If you need to escape into an audiobook or five, I hope these posts may prove helpful. […]

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