Most Anticipated Spring Titles

So, I just barely managed to get this list down to ten, which means at the end you’re going to have a really long honorable mention section. Anyway, since we clearly have a lot of books to talk about, let’s get started!

2020 Most Anticipated Books

This is one of my absolute favorite posts to make every year, and this year I’m participating in Top 10 of 2019 so that makes this even more special. (There are twelve here though because I can’t narrow it down to ten. I barely got it to twelve.) I love getting excited about books and […]

Books I Wish I’d Gotten to in 2019

To those that celebrate: Merry Christmas!! I love Christmas and I love that this is the start of our Top 10 in 2019 prompts from Kimberly and Ginger. This is serving as my Most Anticipated Books of the Year Wrap Up as well because in truth, that’s what all of these books are from. There […]

Highly Anticipated: Winter Edition

I really should switch to doing these January to March and so forth, but who wants to do that? Regardless, there’s only one book on here for December, but it’s one I am extremely excited about! So let’s hop to it. Dance All Nightby Alexis Daria Daria’s Dance Off series has produced two five star […]

Highly Anticipated: Summer Edition

Hi, hello, it is summer. I don’t care if it’s not technically summer because MDW is over and also, I’m living in an apartment with no air conditioning and it’s obnoxiously sweaty over here. So anyway, let’s hop to the books I’m currently highly anticipating! 1. The Kiss Quotientby Helen Hoang I’m obnoxiously excited for […]

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