When Old Meets New: Gentle Rogue and Rock Hard

Since this whole project started because of a conversation about the Fated Mates Gentle Rogue episode, it seemed only fitting for Dani and me to start our project with Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey, published in 1990. In case you missed our intro posts, this was a re-read for Dani and a first time read […]

Book Discussion: An American Marriage (Spoiler Free-Ish)

Let me begin by acknowledging that this book is beautifully written and that Oprah selected it as her first book club pick of 2018. So now we’re agreed that it’s well-written and that a lot of people are going to enjoy it, right? Great. Now we can jump into the multitude of reasons I didn’t […]

A Discussion of the Portrayal of Domestic Violence in Bad Romance

Guess who has a lot of feelings about a book? Grab yourself a tea or hot chocolate because we’re about to have a deep dive into the world of intimate partner violence. This book is so important and everyone, especially teens, need to read it. Actually, also adults. Honestly, I’m still not over the man […]

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