The Map from Here to There: A Spoiler Free Review

I usually sit down to write a review soon after having finished reading a book, but pretty much everything about my usual for The Map from Here to There was thrown off. I read the book in small sips, dipping in and out, thinking about it and trying not to when I wasn’t reading it. My love […]

Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn: A Spoiler Free Review

Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn is unsurprisingly utterly brilliant. Last year, Beginner’s Luck was a last minute addition to my favorite books of the year list and Love Lettering, which is out on December 31st could very well make a lot of people’s list if they spend NYE reading it. I know it’s certainly on […]

The Ones Who Got Away: Series Review

School shootings in America are abhorrent and awful and they’ve also affected a huge number of people in ways that our society still doesn’t quite seem ready to reckon with. But Roni Loren is “hunting big game” as Jen and Sarah would say (see Fated Mates, season two). Her The Ones Who Got Away series […]

Belated October Arc Wrap Up: This Earl of Mine and The Widow of Rose House

So, I definitely got behind with some of my ARCs and I’m doing my best to catch up by the end of the year so, essentially, pray for me. I really enjoyed both of these books so I’m excited to talk to you about them today. At this point, both of these books are obviously […]

ARC Reviews: Twice in a Blue Moon and Lush Money

I don’t know what’s been going on with my Netgalley blessings, but let’s not question it and instead thank Netgalley, Gallery Books, and Carina Press for the opportunity to read Twice in a Blue Moon and Lush Money in advance of their release. I was hoping to have these ARC reviews posted last Tuesday, just […]

The Write Escape and Royal Holiday ARC Reviews

I was fortunate enough to receive advanced copies of The Write Escape by Charish Reid and Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory and instead of writing two separate reviews, I thought I would thank Dani for not only sending me her advanced copy of Royal Holiday, but also the idea to just do an ARC round […]

Well Met by Jen DeLuca: A Spoiler Free Review

Well Met by Jen DeLuca is a Renaissance Faire set rom-com that hits all the right notes. Emily is in a small Maryland (I think) town (that is extraordinarily homogeneous, aka it’s all white people) because her sister, April, was in a bad car accident and needs help getting to appointments and taking care of […]

Mrs. Martin's Incomparable Adventure Spoiler Free Review

As you may know, Courtney Milan is one my absolute favorite authors and I think she’s also an amazing person. I am so lucky to be on her ARC team, but also she’s an auto-buy author for me so this one has already hit my Kindle by the time this review posts. Anyway, I’m telling […]

Book Discussion: An American Marriage (Spoiler Free-Ish)

Let me begin by acknowledging that this book is beautifully written and that Oprah selected it as her first book club pick of 2018. So now we’re agreed that it’s well-written and that a lot of people are going to enjoy it, right? Great. Now we can jump into the multitude of reasons I didn’t […]

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