Hello and welcome.

I wanted to introduce myself and explain why (and give credit for) my blog title. I am Jenica and I read an excessive amount in my spare time. And so I decided it was past time for me to make a blog. This is largely a project I created for myself because as great and wonderful as Goodreads is, I’m really bad at remembering to go back and write down my thoughts.

Anyway, this blog is largely going to be a place where I can rave about the books I loved, sometimes rant about the books I really didn’t love, and perhaps, sometimes, a few other things.

What I Read

I have a tendency to pretend like I’m going to read a diverse amount of genres, but in truth, I mostly read romance novels. A list of my favorite authors would be long and ridiculous, but here’s my best shot at keeping this list concise:

  • Nalini Singh
  • Alyssa Cole
  • Alisha Rai
  • Courtney Milan
  • Sarah MacLean
  • Tessa Dare

Why Firewhiskey Reader?

You may have heard of this brilliant series called Harry Potter which recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary (what a wild concept). Anyway, Harry Potter was my childhood, but it’s my adulthood as well. When I was a teenager I wrote really, really, realllly awful fanfiction. Self-insert and everything. I’m shuddering just thinking about it. I also wrote a songfic based on an Usher song about Ron and Hermione breaking up and getting back together, which makes me shudder for a whole different reason in hindsight. (Ron and Hermione are my NOTP. Don’t at me.) (Actually do. There’s nothing I love more than analyzing relationships in HP.)

Long story short, after spending several excruciatingly long years not reading fan fiction because of the obnoxiously bad reputation it earned, I finally remembered that I’m a grown woman who can read what I want. And, oh boy, am I thankful for that realization because let me introduce you to the masterpiece epic that ruined me in the best way: The Debt of Time by Shayalonnie. I’ve re-read this book at least three times, I think? It’s amazing.

Anyway, so J.K. Rowling invented firewhiskey and Harry Potter is obviously my favorite series of all time. Then Shayalonnie wrote The Debt of Time, in which Sirius thinks the line, “She tastes how firewhiskey felt,” more than once and it’s heart-meltingly perfect for the story. So when I was thinking of blog names, I settled on Firewhiskey Reader because, as we’ve already established, I really like romance novels.

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